Cool Tools Episode 3: Pliers, Cutters & Strippers

I do a great deal of work with electronics and I wire a lot of guitars, so a good set of pliers, cutters and wire strippers is important. Up until recently I’d been using the same set of combination pliers, long-nose pliers and side cutters that I received as a Birthday gift when I was a kid first getting into the hobby. As the pivots of the pliers started to loosen and the cutters lost their bite, I finally caved and purchased a set from Wiha. They’re incredibly strong, cut through almost anything and grip like a hungry shark holds its prey.

As for side cutters, I purchased these automatic wire strippers on a Wim and honestly didn’t expect much, but they turned out to be rather good.

My original pair are still in great condition so I use them when I want a traditional wire stripper. They are unfortunately out of production now, but here’s something similar.

These mini pliers let you reach nuts and wires in the tightest spaces.

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