Cool Tools Episode 4: Saws, Hammers & Bars

Everyone loves a power tool, but there are some instances where the best source of power comes from within. Many woodworkers use the same tools their fathers used before them. For me the Irwin saw is one of his favourites and as they’re excellent sharp saws I see no reason to break with tradition.

These Eclipse coping saws are great for cutting tight curves or following intricate templates.

And no workshop is complete without a hacksaw, which make quick work of cutting through metal and even materials like carbon fibre, phenolic and fibreglass.

Hammers & Bars

Every toolbox needs at least one hammer. They’re not just for banging in nails; they help to align stubborn workpieces, quickly separate mistaken glue-ups, and swiftly punish recalcitrant tools & electronics.

I really like these Stanley hammers as the fibreglass handle absorbs some of the shock and helps to minimise wrist strain. They come in several different weights but are well constructed and feel good in the hand.

These are the creme de la creme of hammers if you want only the best. I also recommend you grab a rubber mallet, like this:

They are useful in situations where you don’t want to leave marks, or for pounding on the end of a bar when you’re busting up a pallet. Speaking of busting pallets, the aptly named ‘Pallet Buster’ is a small slice of genius that makes up cycling pallets not only easy but extremely cathartic.

And a good wrecking bar, sometimes called a breaker bar or a crow bar also comes in handy in up cycling jobs. A bar of 24in is a good allrounder.

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