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  • For all its negatives, disability does have a funny side. Good humour is essential, and having a disability provides plenty of opportunity for a great laugh. The post It’s Not all Doom & Gloom: The Funny Side of Disability appeared first on Ashley Cox.
  • It was, barely, worth the minimal effort exerted in its restoration, but is ultimately a prime example of why off-the-shelf machines are best avoided in favour of assembling a PC yourself from standard components. The post Dell’s Optiplex 780 Is A Perfect Example of Pointless Over-Engineering appeared first on Ashley Cox.
  • I experience dreams exactly as I do real life. I have never known sight. I experience life through my other senses – sound, smell, touch and taste – and my dreams are best described as a kind of subconscious recollection of those experiences. The post Can Blind People See in Their Dreams? appeared first on Ashley Cox.
  • I opted to let LinkedIn search my gMail for possible connections and a surprising number of people were uncovered. there was no reason for Google to have an up-to-date record of my contact history. Searching however revealed the list of contacts accumulated over the last 14 years. The post gMail Stores your Contacts, and You Probably Didn’t Realise appeared first on Ashley Cox.
  • The iMac is a remarkable feat of engineering. At only 5 mm thin around its edge rising to a little over 4 cm in the centre, packing so much tech into its enclosure is a commendable achievement. The post Can a 2012 iMac still serve as a useful recording studio machine? appeared first on Ashley Cox.
  • Fantastically loud renditions of some of rock’s greatest records mixed with some of Rock’s sweetest ballads, intermingled with dialogue and wrapped around a great story make for a raucous, emotional and truly unforgettable three hours. The post Review: Bat Out Of Hell The Musical at the London Coliseum appeared first on Ashley Cox.
  • I recently had to erase a Time Machine backup drive that had become corrupted. The drive was refusing to show when connected and would force the Mac’s Disk Utility to hang indefinitely on the ‘loading disks’ message. The post Tech Tip: Fix MacOS Disk Utility Unmount Error 69888 appeared first on Ashley Cox.
  • I am not “amazing”, nor am I “inspirational”. As self deprecating as such a statement may seem, it has never been more true. Allow me to explain. The post Inspiration Porn – I Am Not Amazing, Nor Inspirational appeared first on Ashley Cox.
  • One of my most used) features of the iPhone is its camera. For the past few years the camera has been predominantly used in conjunction with apps to identify objects, detect sources of light, read the screens of electronic devices and to scan and convert printed text. More recently I’ve developed an interest in photography and videography, with a view to begin taking snaps and producing my own videos showcasing my daily life, interesting activities and hobbies. The accessibility of Apple’s iOS devices is leagues ahead of that on other platforms, and that advancement in accessibility has extended to the […]
  • With no option for warranty replacement, these drives will quite literally be going under the hammer (for reasons of data protection and mild stress relief) and will be replaced by models from Western Digital. The post Seagate Expansions 4TB Portable Hard Drive Unreliability & Teardown appeared first on Ashley Cox.