Tulip Bowl

Tulip bowl version 2

Tulip Bowl

The very first bowl I turned was in Tulipwood. When I started out I was hesitant to try a thin rim at risk of ruining the project. I also figured I’d try an internal design with dovetails, not considering its practicality and usefulness as a bowl.

Tulip Bowl Side View

With a fresh Tulip blank I decided to try a more traditional bowl form. I’ll probably re-turn my original, or maybe I’ll keep it to measure progress – who knows.

Tulip Bowl Top View

The finish is friction polish over an unsealed surface sanded to 320-grit. I’ve recently begun experimenting with abrasive waxes prior to finishing as an alternative to sanding sealer, a process that seems to work very well. The friction polish does form a nice sheen though on its own, even applied to bear wood, and I’m pleased with how this one came out.

Tulip Bowl Bottom


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