24V Turntable Motor Phase Controller Circuit & PCB

A simple circuit to optimise the phase angle of an AC synchronous turntable motor, thereby reducing noise and vibration. Including PCB files.

Talking Level Software Update 2.5

Software version 2.5 with a new library brings a significant speed increase and far better accuracy.

Talking Level Software Update Version 2.0

A major update which adds EEPROM storage and fixes several bugs.

Talking Spirit Level With Arduino, MPU6050 And The Talkie Library

A highly accurate talking spirit level constructed using the Arduino, MPU6050 and the Talkie text to speech library.

Arduino Talking Scale Software Update Version 4.0

A major update refining the code and adding a new user interface

Arduino Talking Scale Software Update Version 3.0

version 3 of the talking scale software for the 328-based Arduino and HX711 introduces some major bug fixes.

Arduino talking Scale Software Update Version 2.0

Version two of the software adds a tare function and a better calibration routine.

Build A Talking Scale With An Arduino, HX711 And The Talkie Library

a brief tutorial covering the construction of a talking scale based on a 328-based Arduino, an HX711 module and the Talkie speech synthesis library.