Hello and welcome to the blind man’s workshop. Thanks for stopping by. I am your humble author, a man with a passion for tools, woodworking, engineering; basically anything practical, hands-on, noisy and dangerous. I also happen to be completely blind – though to defy a common misconception, I still have all eight fingers and both thumbs. Touch wood.

This site is not about me (mostly). Rather it is a site dedicated to the above interests and my desire to share the tips and techniques I’ve picked up in my years as a woodworker and engineer with semi-professional ambition. All are welcome here; this is not a sight catered to the blind. That is just a USP – a physical aspect to my being that I am stuck with, so I may as well take advantage. This site is a place where people with a shared interest can come together, a place where readers will find honest, unbiased reviews of all kinds of tools from a real end-user’s perspective, and a place where I hope to educate and break down barriers, kicking aside misconceptions and demonstrating that nothing is impossible.

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Woodworking Blind

  • Woodworking Blind Part 1: Safety First
    This series has been a long time coming. I’m often asked how I’m able to undertake projects like those here with no sight.
  • Woodworking Blind Part 2: Measuring & Marking
    In the second instalment in the Woodworking Blind series, we will discuss measurement and marking. The age-old adage “measure twice, cut once” is especially applicable when you have no sight, and I would vehemently encourage you take this to heart from the get-go.
  • Woodworking Blind Part 3: Sawing
    This instalment of the Woodworking Blind series will cover tips and techniques for the safe and successful operation of saws. This is not a definitive guide to the use of every saw, as there are plenty of general tutorials freely available governing the use of every type of saw imaginable.

Latest Reviews

  • Record Power DML24 Lathe Restoration
    This is the original incarnation of the DML24 from Record Power. It’s a three-speed wood turning lathe made around 1997 and is about as basic as a lathe gets.
  • Rutlands Precision 1/4 Inch Router Review
    When Makita popularised the small trim-router, I wonder if they could have ever imagined how many manufacturers would jump on the bandwagon and produce copies, even literal clones of their product. I’ve used a Makita RT0700C trim router for years and it’s one of my favourite tools, but I’ve never been able to justify the cost of the optional bases and attachments that would make it a lot more versatile.
  • Rutlands Premium Router Table, R15 Lift & Motor Review
    Rutlands’ premium router tables comprise 27 mm phenolic laminated table tops, solid fences and t tracks for jigs, feather boards and mitre gauges. Combined with their lifts and motors they promise an accurate, safe and highly versatile routing solution.
  • Axminster Workshop AW300DS Disc Sander Review
    The AW300DS from Axminster Tools Is a 300 mm disc sander with a 750W induction motor, cast-iron table and clever dual-face mitre fence. I was recently manufacturing a big batch of very small wooden parts and needed to sand the faces and edges to accurate squares and bevels.
  • Accurately Centre a Wood Lathe Faceplate
    I recently began wood turning having acquired and restored a ‘90s vintage Record DML-24 lathe. One of my first projects was, rather ambitiously, a tulip bowl which presented my first real challenge.