Hello and welcome to the blind man’s workshop. Thanks for stopping by. I am your humble author, a man with a passion for tools, woodworking, engineering; basically anything practical, hands-on, noisy and dangerous. I also happen to be completely blind – though to defy a common misconception, I still have all eight fingers and both thumbs. Touch wood.

This site is not about me (mostly). Rather it is a site dedicated to the above interests and my desire to share the tips and techniques I’ve picked up in my years as a woodworker and engineer with semi-professional ambition. All are welcome here; this is not a sight catered to the blind. That is just a USP – a physical aspect to my being that I am stuck with, so I may as well take advantage. This site is a place where people with a shared interest can come together, a place where readers will find honest, unbiased reviews of all kinds of tools from a real end-user’s perspective, and a place where I hope to educate and break down barriers, kicking aside misconceptions and demonstrating that nothing is impossible.

Latest Projects

Woodworking Blind

  • Woodworking Blind Part 1: Safety First
    This series has been a long time coming. I’m often asked how I’m able to undertake projects like those here with no sight.
  • Woodworking Blind Part 2: Measuring & Marking
    In the second instalment in the Woodworking Blind series, we will discuss measurement and marking. The age-old adage “measure twice, cut once” is especially applicable when you have no sight, and I would vehemently encourage you take this to heart from the get-go.
  • Woodworking Blind Part 3: Sawing
    This instalment of the Woodworking Blind series will cover tips and techniques for the safe and successful operation of saws. This is not a definitive guide to the use of every saw, as there are plenty of general tutorials freely available governing the use of every type of saw imaginable.

Latest Reviews

  • Kreg KMA3200 5 mm Shelf Pin JIg
    The KMA3220 shelf pin jig from Kreg Tools is a quick and easy way to drill accurate holes for cabinet shelves at a standard distance of 32 mm centre to centre. I needed to fit adjustable shelving to a recent cabinet project.
  • Axminster AC220RD Bench-Top Radial Pillar Drill Reviewed
    The AC220RD from Axminster Tools is a five-speed radial pillar drill complete with a 16 mm keyless chuck and sturdy cast table assembly. A radial drill has the advantage of increased throat depth over a standard pillar drill; here a massive 420 mm between the centre of the chuck and front face of the column.
  • Clarke Contractor CR4 2000W Plunge Router Reviewed
    The Clarke Contractor CR4 is a large variable speed plunge router with a 2000-watt motor. I needed a plunge router that could be kept for freehand use, negating the need to remove the Dewalt from its semi-permanent home in the router table.
  • Sealey PDM155B Pillar Drill / Drill Press Reviewed
    The Sealey PDM155B is a model in their Premier range of tools and the largest bench-top model they offer. It stands 1050 mm tall and has 16 speeds, a 600W induction motor, and a fully adjustable 290 mm square cast table and precise quill assembly for accurate drilling.
  • Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander Reviewed
    The TSPS450 from Triton Tools is an oscillating spindle sander with a large 370 x 295 mm cast-iron table and a powerful 450-watt motor. Spindle sanders, sometimes known as bobbin sanders due to their cylindrical sanding drums are great for sanding curved surfaces.