Thanks for stopping by. I am your humble author, a man with a passion for engineering, electronics, woodworking and most areas of science. I just happen to be completely blind – though to defy a common misconception, despite a Penchant for machinery, I still have all eight fingers and both thumbs. Touch wood. Despite what a society led by charity campaigners and a broken social care system would have you believe, we’re normal, capable people with common interests.

I created this site as a portfolio and an outlet to share my work in engineering, woodwork and other creative endeavours. Blindness is just a USP – a physical aspect of my being that I am unfortunately stuck with, so I may as well use it to my advantage. I hope that the site can inspire, educate and break down barriers, kicking aside misconceptions and demonstrating that nothing is impossible.

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  • Record Power DML24 Lathe Restoration
    This is the original incarnation of the DML24 from Record Power. It’s a three-speed wood turning lathe made around 1997 and is about as basic as a lathe gets.
  • Accurately Centre a Wood Lathe Faceplate
    I recently began wood turning having acquired and restored a ‘90s vintage Record DML-24 lathe. One of my first projects was, rather ambitiously, a tulip bowl which presented my first real challenge.
  • Kreg KMA3200 5 mm Shelf Pin JIg
    The KMA3220 shelf pin jig from Kreg Tools is a quick and easy way to drill accurate holes for cabinet shelves at a standard distance of 32 mm centre to centre. I needed to fit adjustable shelving to a recent cabinet project.

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