Talking Level Software Update 2.5

I’ve had many great comments and suggestions relating to the Arduino-based talking electronics. Many of your feature requests and suggestions are in the pipeline, but require significant changes to the hardware. The fact that running text-to-speech on a 16mHz microcontroller like the Atmega 328 is even possible is incredible, especially when there’s still some CPU cycles left over to execute other code. There are however some significant limitations which I will detail in a future post, necessitating some hardware upgrades to move these projects forward and to build some of the more complex devices that I’ve been planning for some time.

The level will be one of the first devices to be upgraded. But during the development of the new software I switched to using the MPU6050_light library to communicate with the MPU6050 chip at the heart of the level, and made some minor alterations here and there to clean up the code. I’m publishing these revisions as software version 2.5 as the new library brings a significant speed increase and far better accuracy. Version 2.5 will be the last software version to support the current hardware for those who have built one already.

As always the package contains the necessary libraries and the Arduino sketch. Feel free to share your comments and suggestions for future releases.

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