Chn 50 Finished Front View Grills Off

CHN-50 Bookshelf Speakers

A passive bookshelf speaker using the CHN-50 full range driver from MarkAudio. The sound is quite remarkable Despite the driver being the lowest and smallest model in the range, with the staging and coherence of a planar speaker but with dynamics, scale and power more akin to a traditional box.

The box is a simple vented design dampened with an internal lining and with a 35 mm port. The grills are secured in place with neodymium magnets and covered with an acoustic cloth, though there is room for improvement here. They’re passable for a first attempt, but the stapling and trimming at the back could certainly be a lot neater.

The terminals are generic 4 mm terminals and internal wiring is a generic 4 mm OFC cable. The veneer was an iron on oak of dubious quality, finished in French polish and buffered by machine with a furniture wax. They matched the solid oak of the active plinths quite nicely.


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