Direct Drive Turntable

This project was constructed in late 2017. It is a direct-drive turntable using the Phainn direct-drive motor, PSU and controller kit. Its construction comprises a chassis machined from a solid surface material similar to Corian, suspended by Sorbothane hemispheres in a plinth of Mahogany and Oak. It is cut for a 3-point Rega mount and has an RB202 arm installed.

The platter has been a source of frustration. A platter was machined in the same solid surface material as the chassis. Unfortunately the spindle rotor has a taper that has proven difficult to machine into an existing platter, and my tooling doesn’t permit a new part to be accurately machined at this time. This is a work in progress. The current platter is the standard Phainn aluminium unit, topped by a Rega felt mat and lined beneath with dampening rubber. The rubber was a Technics turntable mat from an SL-6, cut to size and installed with contact adhesive.

The end result is a turntable that sounds quite respectable and measures well. Were I to build another (and I likely will) I would make some alterations to the chassis, particularly with regards to the motor height. I do plan to fit its intended platter, but for now the gallery below showcases the turntable in its current state.

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