USB Turntable Preamplifier

This is a turntable preamplifier for moving magnet cartridges. It features a USB output to digitise vinyl, and a line / phono switch to allow the unaltered signal to be sent to an existing phono stage while using this one for its USB output. It features a high headroom switch-mode power supply which exceeds the actual power requirement by a wide margin, providing clean stable power to the phono electronics.

It sounds clean and uncoloured and is very quiet. The outer casing is 4 mm thick on the top and bottom faces, the end panels are 2 mm and the front and back are 8 mm due to the clamshell design. This offers exceptional shielding – hum levels are zero with necessary parts of the turntable properly grounded. I omitted a power switch and LED as both were considered unnecessary. There is room on the board to add an extra gain stage for MC compatibility, which is an avenue that I may explore in the future.

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