Lack Rack Rack Front View

Ikea Lack Hi-Fi Rack

This was an idea inspired by a couple of projects over at Ikea Hackers and this Lifehacker article in which a rack was constructed to hold networking and server equipment using Ikea’s Lack coffee tables. 19″ Server equipment is similar in width to standard hi-fi equipment, and it occurred to me that a similar method, albeit with smaller shelf heights could be used to build an ideal rack to hold hi-fi components.

Lack tables are constructed of a thin wood frame filled with a honeycomb material with legs that are mostly hollow along their length. They’re strong but light, ideal for a hi-fi rack. Crucially the distance between the legs is such that a component of roughly 450 mm in width can be slotted between the legs, and with the legs being at the corners there is no obstruction at the back. Components up to 550 mm in depth can be used without issue. I considered de-coupling each shelf with spikes in traditional fashion, but opted for a more rigid approach instead with the rack de-coupled from the floor via a set of carpet spikes and machined steel feet.

A recent update added an isolation platform on top to isolated the turntable from external vibrations. The isolation platform is 12 mm Corian with 40 mm Sorbothane hemispheres. A more detailed overview of the platform can be found Here.

Constructing a Lack Rack is a relatively straight forward process involving cutting the legs to a suitable length, filling them with timber and adding some dowels to hold it all together. I published a complete guide Here for those interested in seeing more of the process and construction images. The result is a sturdy, rigid and spacious rack able to hold the vast majority of hi-fi components for a total cost of approximately £50, plus a little extra (another £50 or so depending on material availability) for the turntable isolation platform.


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