Mac Application To Convert Text To Audio

I needed an app that could convert the individual lines of a text file into spoken audio samples. That was easy in AppleScript, and the resulting script soon grew to include many additional features. So here it is as an application.

The app converts text to spoken audio and saves the output as one or more .AIFF files. The text, and thus the files, can be split by line, word or even character, which makes it quick and easy to export multiple audio samples from a single line of text. The app will convert a text file to a single audio file in its entirety if you wish.

By default the app uses the system voice configured within the accessibility options in System Preferences. However you can also enter a voice name manually, and configure the speaking rate, pitch and modulation. You can find a list of the voices available on your machine by running the command “say -v?” in a terminal.

The app is free to download and is offered without any warranty or acceptance of liability. Please note that the app is not code signed, so you may need to right click and choose ‘open’ the first time you run it.

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